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2011/12/15   Green LED stays constantly on.
Go to set-up mode to restart the GPS satellites searching....
2011/12/15   Time Synchronization process
1. import GPS log file and jpeg picture. 2. click "Time Sync" button of PC Software tool and ready to enable this function. 3. Make sure that you know the camera time for these jpeg pictures captured at that time. 4. click the check box to "Enable Time Sync" and input camera time. ( PS: The time of Camera that is camera display time when you captured these jpeg picture. But you didn't know or camera time has been changed or camera time was wrong at that time.) 5. You can get the matched GPS location. ...
2009/5/5   Can't recognize AGL3080 as a USB device in both PC or MAC machine.
I just bought an AGL3080. When I plug my AGL3080 into my Mac or my XP PC I do not see the device as a jump drive.
The PC sets says "USB device not recognized" and I have the software installed.......
2009/5/5   3 LED light blink at the same time
I bought a new AGL3080. When I turn it on for the 1st time. 3 LEDS started blinking. What's the problem to the device? ...
2008/9/19   I am not sure which firmware versions I should download. Static Navigation On or static navigation off?
With normal photo geotagging activities, SN off works better in terms of positioning accuracy. However if AGL3080 is used to track driving route, it's suggested to use SN On firmware. Both can be downloaded at download ...
2008/9/19   Geotag RAW image format
Our AMOD GPS Tracker software and JetPhoto currently cannot geotag RAW image file. There are free tools to do that. Please check PhotoGPSeditor & Gpsync ...
2008/9/19   Run time error in Window Vista
The old version (before 1.3.9) of AMOD GPS Tracker had compatibility issue with Window Vista. This issue had been fixed from V1.3.9. You can download the update software by clicking
2008/9/19   Convert GPS track file
AGL3080 uses standard NMEA file format. Some applications can only use GPX or KML track format. By using GPSbabel, you can convert NMEA file to GPX, KML or other format. Please note that you have to change the file apendix name ".log" to ".nmea" in order to have GPSbable recognize the file. ...
2008/4/18   AGL 3080-Cannot log track file to the device
Cannot log track file to the device...

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