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3 LED light blink at the same time
Post date :  2009/5/5
Please kindly try below two countermeasures to see if the issue will be solved.
Solution One:
Step one - Entering "Set-Up" mode: At power off status, press "Power ON" and "Mark" buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds, and then the three LED will flash 5 times and stop at light on mode. You can release the buttons when 3 LED are all on.
Step two - Clear Disk Function: Hold "Mark" button for 5 seconds to all 3 LED lights blink sequentially, then release the button to clear disk storage space.
Soluton 2: Upgrade "AGL3080 V2.3" firmware into AGL3080:
If this doesn't sovle the 3 LED blinking, please contact our technical support for further assistance.

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